Physical Address:  530 Lakeland Drive. Baton Rouge. LA 70802

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 1028. Baton Rouge. LA 70821

Phone:  225.387.5001

Fax:  225.389.4493


How Politiceaux Consulting can help your campaign:


By signing on with the Politiceaux team you will have access to a wide range of political knowledge, insight, and experience.  The Politiceaux team can advise and assist you in all aspects of the campaign from day-to-day management of the campaign to the overall message and strategy.  Below is a list of the specific areas in which Politiceaux can help your campaign attain victory.


Campaign start-up:

- Planning your campaign strategy, developing a thorough campaign plan and budget.

- Determine what issues work for you or against you.

- Develop your message.

- Opposition Research to determine how to distinguish yourself from your opponents.

- Building your grassroots strategy to fully utilize volunteers and the local political network.

- Develop your new media strategy to connect with new voters and strengthen your base.


Messaging and Communications:

- Plan and time your voter contact activities for maximum effectiveness.

- Write your speeches, literature, and copy for greater impact.

- Writing press releases

- Coordinating the designing of direct mail, brochures, and yard signs.

- Develop and implement your internet strategy.


Campaign Management:

- Screening potential staff to ensure you get the best.

- Finding and using volunteers.

- Training your staff and volunteers.

- Getting out the vote.